Is Your Faith up to the Task?

A review of two special books by Hal Lindsey

Do you find it challenging to live by faith? Do you find current events, like the threat of nuclear war, the economy,  frequent violence both in the USA and elsewhere–things like that–worrisome?

How should we as Christians view these things?  Is there a sure pathway to peace of mind? Yes, there certainly is.  Faith.

We can all easily agree that we should live by faith, and that a life of constant fear and worry is not victorious Christian living\  But what does it mean to live by faith? And, more to the point, how can we best go about it.

One of the best biblical teachers I have come across is Hal Lindsey.

Hal Lindsey became a best selling author in the 1970 with his blolckbuster book on end time events: The Late Great Planet Earth.”

Then he went on to pen at least 19 more best sellers. He majors in prophecy, but I like his books on faith best.  First, Combat Faith, 1999, and Faith for Earth’s Final Hour, 2003.

The second book repeats much of the teaching of the first, but expands the teaching contained in the first book in a more more thorough and in-depth manner.  Both contain brilliant, not-to-be missed, true-to-Scripture insights on faith and its vital role in the day-to-day life of the believer.  In things both small and great.

In both books, Lindsey looks into important Scripture portions on faith, what it is,  how it works, and how indispensable it is for effective Christian living, not to mention peace of mind.  And just as importantly, he also traces key portions of the history of God’s dealings with His people Israel–how he provided opportunity after opportunity with great patience to grow their faith.

Each lesson has obvious and practical application for all of us today.

In his first chapter, “The Age of Anxiety,” Lindsey points to unmistakable fact that Christians in our contemporary world are being persecuted and warns that this will get worse.  He concludes from this that the quintessential need of every believe in these end times is faith-training, the developed ability, through God’s grace, to trust in God no matter what our circumstances.

These books as a whole contain comprehensive teaching on faith.

Lindsay describes and portrays the type of mature faith that obtains answers to prayer, that brings peace of mind, and enables believers to experience victory after victory.  It takes work and courage and perseverance.  Not works done to earn such faith and God’s blessings, but the more challenging work of proactively believing daily.

Believing that God has always been true to His word, His promises, and steadfast in His love for us before the foundation of the world.

These are books that should be read by every Christian for how to develop a faith that will see each of us through these trouble times.

Check  out Hal Lindsey’s books.  Combat Faith for the concise version, Faith for Earth’s Final Hour for a more indepth version.

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