Ephesians: Eternal Life, Daily Life

How well do you know your salvation?

How well do you know the book of Ephesans?

Know Ephesians and you know plenty–and basically all you need to live the life God wants you to live in this world. Course that depends on how well you know Ephesians.

Toward that end, I have begun to write a summary of the content I have described in past weeks, starting below with Chapter 1. If you have be reading this blog and have found the ideas and advice helpful, the summaries to follow can help you remember those ideas and that advice, even apply them to your daily life.

I call these summaries paraphrased-content-summaries. They are not literal translations, but with them I seek to accurately reflect the content inherent in the verses of Ephesians.


Chapter 1

To all faithful believers in Jesus Christ, saints:

May you continueally receive His grace and Peace. And may God be blessed, for He has given us all spiritual blessings in the heavens, the spirit world, that is in Christ.

More specifically, He called us and chose us in Him before the world was made and set us all on an unfailing journey–with a destination that includes our being holy, and that means there will be nothing wrong with us before Him. And He did this in love. It was for His good pleasure that he decreed beforehand that we would be adopted through Jesus Christ to be actual Children of God.

And all this has, does, and will bring praise to God for the awesome glory of His grace, which He has given us and is ours permanently within his Beloved Son. So we are experiencing redemption through Jesus’ blood and full pardon for all our wrongs–and that pardon is measured by the extent of God’s riches of grace.

And not only all that, but He has also filled us to overflowing, with more than enough wisdom and understanding because He made us know the mystery of His will, His purpose in Jesus Christ, because it pleased Him.

So what’s the result? It’s the management of the fullness of the times. In other words the culminatioj of His grand plan, to gather up all things within Christ, all things in the heavens and on the eath, within Him.

And that includes us too, who have been not only called but also marked beforehand, destined by the God the Father. He works all things by the decided purpose of His will. And the result is that we who have placed our hope in Christ, trusting in Him, believing in Him–once we heard the truth, salvation’s good news–we were sealed as God’s eternal property by the Holy Spirit–He is the seal!

And He is not only our seal, He is also the promise of our inheritance, the downpayment of our redemption, some of which we experience here and now. But that gift and experience also points forward to our totally complete salvation. When that happens we will give praise for His glory.

Knowing all that makes me, Paul, continually mention you in my prayers. And what do I pray? “That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him,” that is to know Jesus Christ deeply,

But also so that you all might know (in your heads and hearts) His overwhelming power that works in us–that same mighty power that He worked when He raised Christ from the dead and gave Him a seat on His right hand in the highest heaven–way above all rule, authority, power, dominion–and every name named in this age or the one that is coming.

God the Father put everything under Jesus’ feet, and gave Him to us, His church, as our Head. And we are in fact, in reality, His body, His fullness, who fills all.



And for this we should constantly give thanks and praise God.




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