Don’t Miss “Jesus: A Theography” by Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet

It  promises to be a wonderful book for any serious Christian. It traces how Jesus can be found in all of Scripture. Jesus said: “The Scriptures point to me!” (John 5:39 NLT).

I have found these authors to be among the best Bible teachers around. They are  not only doctrinally sound but especially insightful too.  Really, they are among the few I read frequently, outside of my Bible and an occasional commentary or Bible reference book.

Furthermore, they are not afraid to tackle some controversial areas of the faith, but always do so in a sensible and balanced way.  Also they are never derogatory toward specific sectors of contemporary Christianity, meaning the various Protestant denominations or Roman Catholicism or Eastern Orthodoxy or others.  They will take issue with certain practices, particularly within intstitutional churches, but their overall approach is positive and Jesus-centered.

I am nearly waiting on the edge of my seat for this book to be released.  The hardback  will be available on October 2nd at Amazon, and the Kindle version on October 9th. I have pre-ordered the Kindle version. (Or, you can pre-order either now.)

I Highly recommended that you consider this book. I have been continually been blessed by the work of these fine Christian men.

P.S. New  post in the Ephesians series due Sunday, 9/20/2012.

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