Chapter 2 Stuck in Sin then but Made God’s Temple now

Here’s a “paraphrased-content-summary” of Ephesians chapter 2.

Use it, if you like, to review the contents and teaching re this chapter quickly.


(2:1-4)  And you were dead, living in your wrong doings, your sins, walking in them, obeying the standards of this world’s culture, that is the standards of the ruler of the authority of the air (the devil), the spirit who is now actively working in the sons born of disobedience (the unsaved). That means obeying the lusts of your flesh and its decisions and thoughts and intentions–being children of anger in your very nature, like all the rest.

(2:5-9)  But even in that terrible situation, living in a state of death, ongoing wrong deeds, God made us spiritually alive together with Christ–by grace you are now saved, an ongoing condition. And, not only that, but He raised us up together with Christ and made us sit down with Him in heaven, in order that he might display in all the ages, all the time to come, the transcending riches of His grace–the kindness and goodness He showered upon us because we are now in Christ Jesus: For by grace you are saved right now–an accomplished fact. And that was through faith–not for something you did or deserved: you’re not the source; God’s gift is. Again, the source of your salvation is not works, anything you can do. This is so that no one can brag.

(2:10-12)  For we are His creation; we were created with Jesus Christ with the intent that we do good works (our salvation is God’s “doing,” not ours). Good works were prepared beforehand so that we could do them and live in them. So constantly remember this: before you were Gentiles by birth and separated from Christ, and that means excluded from God’s people, foreigners when it came to God’s promises to His people, and that also means you were without hope, without God in this world.

(2:13-16)  But now, even though you were a long way off, God brought you near by seeing to it that you were placed within Christ Jesus, within His blood. For being in Him is what matters–He is our ongoing peace with God. God has broken down the wall that was between Jew and Gentile and has made us one. There is no need for hostility now. He set aside the ritual requirements of the Mosaic law so that He could create One New composite Man, who is very different. Thus He made peace.

So this means he reconciled Jew and Gentile in one mega-body through the cross of Jesus Christ, and that means killing that hostility.

(2:17-22)  So when Jesus came, He announced the good news of peace to you who were far off and peace to the ones nearby. Consequently, through Him we both, Jew and Gentile, have and are continuing to have access in the one Holy Spirit to God the Father. Therefore, you are no longer foreigners and sojourners. Rather you are fellow-members among the holy ones (saints) and part of God’s family. God’s household was built on the teaching foundation of the apostles and prophets, but Christ Jesus is Himself the key part of that foundation, the essential foundation. And in Him the whole “building” is currently being  put together and is growing into a holy temple in the Lord. This means too that you are His temple, the very dwelling of God–once again, in Him.



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